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iLike SWF to Audio Converter Tutorial

Step 1 Import the swf file you want to convert

On "Import" page, click browser button to add a swf file. You can get flash imformation about this file and preview it before convert.

Step 2 Setting output file

On "Setting" page, select a proper output format as you need from the drop-down list of "Audio Format ". Then you select destination folder for converted audio file and you can set the audio channels, bitrates, sample rate etc.

Step 3 Start to convert to audio file

Once you've finished all the settings, click on "Convert" button, Capture window will be show as below,select a mode: "Auto" or "Manual". Manual Mode is useful for interactive swf file, otherwise you can choose Auto Mode. Click "Play and Capture" button to begin. If you choose "Auto" mode, during conversion, you can minimize the program to system tray.