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iLike SWF to MPEG Converter Tutorial

Step 1 Import swf file.

On "Import" page, click browser button to add a swf file. You can get flash imformation about this file and preview it before convert.

Step 2 Edit flash movie (Optional)

On "Edit" page, you can crop the flash movie and add watermark, logo, copyright image onto the created video to mark them as your own. If you would not like to edit your video, simple skip it to "Setting" page.

Step 3 Setting output format as MPEG

On "Setting" page, select MPEG-2 NTSC or MPEG-2 PAL as output formats from the drop-down list of "Video Format ". NTSC's frame rate is 30fps, Pal is 25fps. Then select destination folder for converted mpeg file and you can set the video bitrates, higher video bitrate will get better output quality.

Step 4 Start to convert

Once you've finished all the settings, click on "Convert" button, Capture window will be show as below,select a mode: "Auto" or "Manual". Manual Mode is useful for interactive swf file, otherwise you can choose Auto Mode. Click "Play and Capture" button to begin. During conversion, you can minimize the program to system tray.